Prevent soldering protected areas in a wave soldering process by applying temporary solder mask. Designed to apply smoothly, dry quickly, withstand high lead­free process temperatures, and then be removed easily. Also used for masking conformal coating.

Temporary Solder Masks

WonderMASK P Peelable Solder Mask

Non-ammoniated, low odor peelable mask

WonderMASK PX Peelable Solder Mask

Natural latex peelable solder mask with fastest cure time

WonderMASK W Washable Solder Mask

Nonflammable, water-washable

WonderMASK WA Washable Solder Mask

Non-flammable, water washable for robotic and pneumatic application

WonderMASK WSOL Washable Solder Mask

Water-washable mask, safe on ion beds and filters