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XT-Armor Oven Shield


XT-Armor Oven Shield Reflow Oven & Wave Maintenance Coating is a water-based, environmentally friendly coating that is designed to protect PCB assembly equipment from flux residues adherence. Flux sticks to the coating surface and then peels off – drastically reducing maintenance time.

XT-Armor Oven Shield is an effective mask coating to protect oven surfaces between scheduled maintenances. Regular use of coating reduces maintenance labor, equipment down-time and cleaning consumables like wipes and chemicals. All these benefits increase available production time and reduce maintenance cost.

XT-Armor Oven Shield, Reflow Oven & Wave Maintenance Coating has been tested and proven compatible with all of the most popular oven and wave equipment manufacturers:  BTU, Heller, JTU, SMT, Speedline and Vitronics-Soltec.

Features & Benefits

  • Coating & flux residues peel off easily
  • Cures during equipment heat-up cycle
  • Reduce maintenance labor as much as 50%, down-time by over 25%
  • Prevent excessive flux accumulation from dripping onto PCB’s
  • Protect capital equipment from abrasive scrapers & brushes
  • Reduce cleaning chemicals and wipes
  • Color change indicates cure & peel time
  • Low odor, non-hazardous, non-flammable
  • Easy wash-up with water
  • Environmentally friendly – zero VOC, zero GWP
  • Halide-free — prevent ionic contamination


  • Protect cooling zones of reflow oven
  • Coat around wave fluxer
  • Coat top of wave pallet
  • Mask overspray area in coating spray booth
  • One gallon covers approximately 20 sq. ft.
Packaging Order minimum case quantity only. Extra shipping fees may apply.
Name Size Units Per Case
3601-16SQ Oven Shield 16 oz (454g) 12
3601-G Oven Shield 1 gal (3.8L) 1