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Advanced Chemistries to Improve Your Products & Processes

Techspray specializes in cleaners, coatings, and other chemicals and tools that improve efficiency, safety, and performance.


Techspray is trusted where process control is essential. Precision-V is the latest solvent line designed to meet the cleanliness standards of aviation, electronics, and other critical cleaning applications. Precision-V is the ideal choice to replace AK225 as it approaches EPA phase-out in 2015.


Techspray offers cutting-edge technologies to improve safety for personnel and the environment. G3 Industrial Cleaner replaces toxic chemicals like nPB, TCE, and Perc, which are commonly used in industrial applications.

Techspray Renew products provide eco-friendly solutions for electronics assembly and plant maintenance. Natural, biodegradable ingredients, low VOC (volatile organic compounds), and zero GWP (global warming potential) are key benefits of Eco-Shower, Eco-Shine, Eco-Stencil, and Eco-Oven cleaners.

Turbo-Coat is an acrylic conformal coating with fast dry time and no HAPs (hazardous air pollutants). All Techspray products are RoHS and REACH compliant.


Techspray products are developed to improve your products and processes. We accomplish this through powerful cleaners, effective coatings, and top-notch customer service. Contact us at 800-858-4043 or



Illinois Tool Works (ITW)

Techspray – US office

ITW Contamination Control Electronics
8125 Cobb Center Drive
Kennesaw, GA 30152
Tel. 678-819-1408
Toll-free 800-858-4043
Fax 806-372-8750

Techspray – European office

ITW Contamination Control EMEA
Saffierlaan 5
2132 VZ Hoofddorp
The Netherlands
+31 88 1307 400

Techspray – Asia

Eugene Ooi, SW Asia Sales Manager
MP : +60-164475922

Mark Tay, SE Asia Sales Manager
MP : +65 979652833

South Korea
Chris Jung,
South Korea Sales Manager
MP : 82107334 8989


Michael Wu, Sales Manager - China
ITW Specialty Materials (Suzhou) Co., Ltd
Hengqiao Road, Wujiang Economic Development Zone,
Suzhou, Jiangsu Province, China 215200
(86)512-82060808 Ext 508



US – 800-858-4043 | International - +1 678-819-1408
Fax – 806-372-8750;

Key Contacts:

  • Carl Walz, Director of Sales
  • Steve Cook, Director of Product Technology
  • Paul Blair, Marketing Director

North America Regional Sales Managers:

Bill Martin, Southeast US
678-526-3677 |

Dave DiCeglie, Northeast US / East Canada
978-857-2360 |

Carl Walz, Midwest US
205-410-8357 | 

Billi Curtin, Southcentral US
832-819-8643 |

Samantha Luedke, Northwest US, West Canada
310-741-0056 |

Brett Robinson, Southwest US, Mexico
951-236-5880 |

Genaro Alcala, Northeast Mexico
9+52 1 656-660-1273 |

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