Plato Shear Cutter & Soldering Tools

Plato Shear Cutter & Soldering Tools

A Plato Shear Cutter will give you the precision of a high-end soldering tool, but for the price of a disposable shear cutter. Assemblers love the ergonomic effortless design shearing action, comfort, and safety of a Plato lead cutter. 

Plato shear cutters use the shear cutting method, which requires 50% less operator effort and extends cutting life. The thin profile design is perfect for hard to reach areas in electronic assembly. Lead cutters handles are cushioned for comfort all day and automatically spring back to their original position after each use.
Shear cutters 175 and 175LX come with a lead catcher, which holds onto a trimmer lead until the shear is opened. this prevents leads from flying off, which can lead to eye injury or contaminate the assembly.

5 Ways to Spot A Counterfeit Plato 170 Shear Cutter Before You Buy Them

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Plato Shear Cutter

High precision lead cutter

Plato Shear S Extra-Strong Cutter

Durable, long-life shear lead cutter- A Plato shear cutter has a thin profile designed for hard to reach areas in an electronic assembly. If your an assembler you will love how effortlessly our shear cutters cut and the design is lightweight and comfortable to work with.

Plato Shear Ergonomic Cutter

Ergonomic, ESD-safe shear lead cutter

Plato Shear Heavy Duty Cutter

Heavy-duty shear cutter for heavier gauge wire and cable

Brass Waterless Tip Cleaner

Universal tip cleaner works with all soldering stations


Cellulose solder station sponges for Weller, Hakko, Pace and more

Tip Tinner

Plato’s Tip Cleaner provides fast, efficient cleaning and re-tinning of highly oxidized soldering iron tips. Tip Cleaner brings oxidized tips back to life, which improves soldering speed.

Needle Flux Dispenser

Needle bottles are ideal for precisely controlled flux applications. Two different needle sizes are available: 0.25mm for low viscosity no-clean and aqueous fluxes, and 0.50mm for higher viscosity rosin-based fluxes. Each bottle is available in standard plastic or with optional ESD-safe cover.