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Mask Open Vias for Wave Soldering & Conformal Coating Keep-out Areas

Techspray’s WonderMASK is the industry leading temporary solder mask brand because of quality and versatility. Depending on the product, mask can be peeled off manually or washed off in a batch or inline system.

WonderMASK has several useful applications in PCB assembly:

Thru-hole masking – Prevent soldering open holes in a wave soldering process by covering with WonderMASK. All of the masks listed below are well suited for this application.

Conformal coating masking – In a conformal coating dipping or spraying process, WonderMASK can be used to cover connectors and other components and areas that should not be coated. WonderMASK P and PX are recommended.

Temporary component adhesive – WonderMASK can be used to tack down components on double-sided PCBs.

All Techspray WonderMASK products have the following advantages:

  • Withstands lead-free soldering temperatures up to 640°F (343°C) in wave soldering process
  • RoHS compliant

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WonderMASK P Peelable Solder Mask Wondermask P  Peelable Solder Mask
Non-ammoniated, low odor peelable mask
WonderMASK PX Peelable Solder Mask WonderMASK PX Peelable Solder Mask
Natural latex peelable solder mask with fastest cure time
WonderMASK W Washable Solder Mask Wondermask W Washable Solder Mask
Nonflammable, water-washable
WonderMASK WA Washable Solder Mask Wondermask WA Washable Solder Mask
Non-flammable, water washable for robotic and pneumatic application
WonderMASK WSOL Washable Solder Mask Wondermask WSOL Washable Solder Mask
Water-washable mask, safe on ion beds and filters
Techform TC-533 Peelable Solder Mask 	Techform TC-533 Peelable Solder Mask
Natural latex rubber, high-temperature


What is the difference between temporary solder mask and solder resist (overcoat)?
The main difference between temporary solder mask and solder resist (overcoat) lies in their purposes and longevity. Temporary solder mask is used for selective soldering and rework processes and is removed after its intended use, while solder resist is a permanent coating applied to the entire PCB surface to provide long-term protection and prevent solder bridges.
Are solder masks RoHS compliant?
Yes, all of our temporary solder masks are RoHS compliant. See RoHS documentation by using the link under the photo on the product page of the mask you are considering.
What is temporary solder mask?
Temporary solder mask, also known as peelable solder mask or removable solder mask, is a type of masking material used in the electronics manufacturing process. Its primary purpose is to protect specific areas of a printed circuit board (PCB) during the soldering process, while allowing other areas to be exposed for soldering. After the soldering process is complete, temporary solder mask can be easily removed by peeling or washing it off (depending on the type of mask), leaving the protected areas clean and free of any excess solder. This allows for easy access to the designated areas for subsequent assembly steps or inspections.

For more in depth information, check out "How To Use Spot Mask for Wave Soldering & Conformal Coating".


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