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Techspray offers a large array of wipes for a variety of applications. Cleanroom wipes meet the particulate count and extractable standards for Class 10 / ISO Class 4 and Class 100 / ISO Class 5 cleanrooms.

Cleanroom Wipers: Meet the particulate count and extractable standards for Class 10 / ISO Class 4 and Class 110 / ISO Class 5 cleanrooms.

Maintenance Wipers: Lower cost, high-quality wipers for heavy-duty cleaning.

Delicate Task Wipers: Cellulose tissue for light cleanings, as in lab settings.

Microfiber wipes: Polishing wipes that are ideal for screen and display cleaning, with or without a cleaner.

Smt Roll Wipes: DEK and MPM understencil roll wipes to fit the most common printers.

Techclean Absorbwipe Techclean Absorbwipe
Soft absorbent non-woven poly wiper for sensitive surfaces
Techclean Anti-Static Wipe Techclean Anti-Static Wipe
Class 10 anti-static knit polyester wipe
Techclean Purwipe Techclean Purwipe
100% polyester, strong & lint-free wipe
Techclean Wiper Techclean Wiper
Class 100 high-absorbency poly/cellulose wipe


What type of wipe is best for cleanrooms?

Cleanroom wipes used for critical applications are almost always knitted synthetic fibers. Knitted polyester fabric, like used for Techclean Purwipe (part #2355-100), is the most popular wipe material for cleanrooms. Knitted polyester is made clean, contaminants can easily be removed from knitted polyester in a cleanroom laundry, and polyester is relatively inexpensive. Non-woven wipes do not offer the advantage of ease in cleaning as their composition causes them to disintegrate in a cleanroom washing machine or cleanroom drier.  Techclean Anti-Static Wipes (#2362-150) are also woven polyester, but include stripes of DuPont’s NEGA-STAT carbon yarn. This prevents static generation, which is especially important when dry wiping. Anti-Static Wipes are packaged in a class 10 cleanroom, so ideal for cleanroom applications. This wipe is widely used on smart phone and pad computer screens in assembly or repair operations. Wiping glass screens with standard polyester will tend to generate static and attract dust.

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