Transit Maintenance

Transit Maintenance

Nobody knows better than Techspray the challenges of cleaning trains, signal devices, control panels and anything else that gets covered with grease and dirt. Our contact cleaners are widely used in some of the largest subway systems in the US to help keep the trains running on time.


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Electrical Contact Cleaner

E-LINE Contact Cleaner

Powerful and economical electrical contact cleaner in an aerosol can. Remove oxidation, oil and other contaminants from contacts, metal switches, motors relays, generators, edge connectors, buss bars, circuit breakers, scales, and sensors.

G3 Contact Cleaner

This nonflammable and economical patented electrical contact cleaner is formulated to be powerful, yet economical. Eliminate brushing and scrubbing saving time and materials., powerful contact cleaner


G3 Blue Shower Maintenance Cleaner

Nonflammable & powerful degreaser

G3 Industrial Maintenance Cleaner

Heavy-duty, fast evaporating industrial cleaner

PWR-4 Aviation Degreaser

Nonflammable & powerful spray for removing hydraulic and lubricating fluids

PWR4 Transit Equipment Degreaser

Nonflammable & strong single purpose transit degreaser

Aviation Degreaser II

Low-VOC cleaner for removing hydraulic and lubricating fluids