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How do I disinfect surface coated with Licron Crystal?

Licron Crystal is being used to turn a plexiglass divider into an ESD-safe divider. A common question is how to disinfect from pathogens like SARS-COV-2 (coronavirus -- the virus that causes COVID-19) without degrading the static dissipative properties? 1) Avoid alcohol-based cleaners, because they can break-down Licron, especially with repeated use. Stay with Clorox types of disinfectants, and other similar cleaners. 2) Avoid wiping dry, which can abrade and wear off the coating. Either allow the disinfectant to air dry, or blot dry with a non-abbrasive wipe material. Paper towels can be rough because they are cellulose based. A soft material like microfiber (e.g. part #2363-50) or polyester knit wipe (part #2355-100) would be preferable. 3) Check coating integrity with a risistivity meter once the cleaner has dried. If resistance increased above acceptable range, reapply Licron Crystal.

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