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How do you apply liquid conformal coating? (2104)

Apply to clean, moisture-free surface.  Areas not requiring coating should be masked. Application: Coating may be applied by spraying, brushing, dipping or flow coating.  Allow coating to flow around components. Cure:  A 1.0 mil coating will be tack-free in 15 minutes.  Full cure requires 24 hours @74˚F/23˚C. Heat Cure: 20 minutes @120˚F/49˚C, then 30 minutes @180˚F/82˚C.   An open vessel of water placed in the drying chamber will facilitate curing. UV detectable for QC inspection. Removal:  Coating may be removed by soaking in Conformal Coating Remover. Use TraceTech™ Conformal Coating Remover Pen for spot removal. After the new component is installed, areas should be cleaned and re-coated.


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