New Techspray Renew Eco-dFluxer SMT100 Water-Based Inline and Batch Defluxer

Friday, November 17, 2017

Amarillo, TX – Techspray, a leading manufacturer of precision cleaners for electronics, and industrial and electrical applications, is excited to introduce Eco-dFluxer SMT100, Techspray’s first water-based inline and batch defluxer.

Eco-dFluxer SMT100 is a water-based, environmentally friendly cleaner that is designed to work in both inline and batch cleaning equipment. An optimal combination of solvents and saponifiers lowers surface tension for penetration under low stand-offs, and powerful cleaning action to remove all flux residues.

Effective on a wide variety of solders and fluxes: lead, lead-free, aqueous, RMA, no-clean, and new halide-free fluxes. High compatibility with common PCB metals & plastics. Eco-dFluxer SMT100 is highly filterable with long bath life. Moderate pH avoids many disposal issues.

High performance cleaning gives you brilliant solder joints and allows you to increase dilution, increase line speeds, reduce waste water, decrease cost per board, and most importantly… eliminate field failures due to ionic contamination!

Doug Ngai, Techspray’s Product Manager of Process Chemicals, stated: “With over 40 years’ of experience developing solvent PCB cleaners, it makes sense to apply our expertise to water-based defluxing.”

Eco-dFluxer SMT100 has been tested and shown to be effective and fully compatible in Speedline Electrovert, Austin American Technology, and other popular cleaning equipment.

Eco-dFluxer SMT100 is fully compliant with California CARB requirements. Also compliant with European REACH and WEEE initiatives. It does not contain RoHS restricted substances, SVHC listed substances, or halides.

Techspray, a division of Illinois Tool Works (ITW), is a leading manufacturer of chemical products for the electronics industry. Techspray formulates, blends, and packages a wide variety of chemicals and assorted support products for the electronics industry, heavy industry, and plant and equipment maintenance including degreasers, defluxers, conformal coating, dusters and water-based cleaners. More information can be found at

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