Tech Brush - Aluminum Handle

Groundable metal handle with ultra-secure bristles

Part # Name Size Units
Per Case
2040-1 Brush 13/16 x 3/16" Horse Hair   6
2042-1 Brush 1-3/16 X 5/16" Horse Hair   6
2043-1 Brush 1 3/16 x 5/16" Stainless Steel   6
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Conductive brushes will act as a conduit between the charged surface and the path to ground. Made with fully conductive materials that are active static eliminators, your choice becomes the style and size that best works for you.
Please use these brushes with a wrist strap or other mechanism to provide a path to ground.

Features & Benefits

  • High quality USA made
  • Bristles securely stabled to prevent bristle loss
  • Eliminate contamination due to bristle loss
  • Anodized aluminum handle -- strong & splinter free


Are Techspray technical brushes ESD-Safe?
Technically, none of the Techspray brushes are ESD-safe / static dissipative. The brushes with metal handles are conductive, so can be grounded (generally with a user and wrist strap). The bristles are natural material, so static neutral. That means the bristles won’t generally generate a charge, especially when wet with solvent. The brushes with wood handles are considered static neutral because wood doesn't tend to generate a charge. Horse hair and hog hair bristles are also considered static neutral, while metal bristles are conductive.
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