Techspray Introduces 2 New Water-Based Eco-Friendly Batch Stencil Cleaners

Friday, November 17, 2017

Amarillo, TX – Techspray, a leading manufacturer of precision cleaners for electronics, and industrial and electrical applications, is excited to announce the addition of two new water-based batch stencil cleaners to the Techspray Renew product line. Like other cleaners sold under the Techspray Renew brand, they are non-flammable, low VOC, and do not contribute to global warming.

Eco-Stencil RF (part #1571) is an effective non-flammable drop-in replacement for isopropyl alcohol (IPA) and other solvents commonly used in rinse-free batch stencil cleaning systems. This unique solvent and DI water blend is effective at removing a wide variety of pastes and adhesives. It can also be used as manual and under-stencil cleaners.

When a water rinse is a part of the cleaning process, Eco-Stencil AQ (part #1572) provides an economical, yet powerful cleaning solution. This water-based cleaner uses the latest environmentally friendly surfactants to break down pastes and adhesives. Highly concentrated formula saves shipping and storage cost.

Both stencil cleaners are compatible with the most popular cleaning equipment and work with current filtration methods, providing a long bath life and minimized disposal cost.

Neither product contains ionics/halides or other contamination that will change downstream process windows or lead to board failure.

Doug Ngai, Techspray’s Product Manager of Process Chemicals, explained: “With the addition of Eco-Stencil RF and AQ, Techspray is able to offer a complete line of water-based and solvent cleaners for electronic assembly.”

Eco-Stencil RF and Eco-Stencil AQ are both fully compliant with California CARB requirements. Also compliant with European REACH and WEEE initiatives. It does not contain RoHS restricted substances, SVHC listed substances, or halides.

Techspray, a division of Illinois Tool Works (ITW), is a leading manufacturer of chemical products for the electronics industry. Techspray formulates, blends, and packages a wide variety of chemicals and assorted support products for the electronics industry, heavy industry, and plant and equipment maintenance including degreasers, defluxers, conformal coating, dusters and water-based cleaners. More information can be found at

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