Aviation Clean & Prep Wipes

Aerospace approved chemistries & wiping material in easy-to-use dispensing tubs

Part # Name Size Units
Per Case
2805-100-69-C 50% IPA Wipe 100 ct 12 4 Years
2805-100-69-R 50% IPA Refill 100 ct 12 4 Years
2810-100-69-C 99% IPA Wipe 100 ct 12 4 Years
2810-100-69-R 99% IPA Refill 100 ct 12 4 Years
2811-100-69-C 100% Acetone Wipe 100 ct 12 4 Years
2811-100-69-R 100% Acetone Refill 100 ct 12 4 Years
2812-100-69-C 100% MEK Wipe 100 ct 12 4 Years
2812-100-69-R 100% MEK Refill 100 ct 12 4 Years
2813-100-69-C 100% MPK Wipe 100 ct 12 4 Years
2813-100-69-R 100% MPK Refill 100 ct 12 4 Years
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Paint & Composite Surface Prep Wipes

Techspray Clean & Prep Pre-Saturated Wipes combine aerospace approved chemistries and wiping material in easy-to-use dispensing tubs. Four solvents are available for paint and composite prep: isopropyl alcohol (IPA), acetone, methyl ethyl ketone (MEK), methyl propyl ketone (MPK).

Pre-saturated nonwoven, lint-free, durable rayon material reduces solvent consumption, environmental release of volatile chemicals (e.g. VOCs), accidental spills, and worker exposure.

Consistent wipe saturation allows for greater efficiency, error-free process repeatability, and final quality compared to saturating shop rags as you go.

Select aviation / aerospace approved solvent:
  • Isopropyl Alcohol (IPA) - For removing dust, debris, light oils, and fingerprints for paint surface prep. Reusable canister reduces waste, solvent usage & VOC emissions while maintaining consistent saturation.
  • Acetone - For removing dust, debris, oils, greases, adhesives, wet epoxy, and paint overspray in composite and paint surface prep. Very fast evaporating, powerful cleaner, and VOC exempt.
  • Methyl Ethyl Ketone (MEK) - For removing dust, debris, and uncured resins during surface prep and clean-up of composite, metal bond and edge seal applications. Effective on removing PR-1422, 1435 and similar tank sealants.
  • Methyl Propyl Ketone (MPK) - For removing dust, debris, uncured epoxy in composite surface prep, and inks in printing clean-up.

Features & Benefits

  • Durable, lint-free wipe
  • Aerospace approved wipe material & solvents
  • Meets or exceeds AMS3819C and BMS15-5
  • Prevent cross contamination – each wipe is new & clean
  • Solvent-specific color-coded labeling
  • Reusable canister reduces waste, solvent use & VOCs
  • Refill rolls available to reduce cost & waste

Typical Applications

  • General clean-up on work station, tools & parts
  • Surface prep before painting, adhesive application & carbon fiber layup
  • Cleaning & degreasing


How do you know the safe exposure limit of a degreaser, contact cleaner, or flux remover?
The personal hazard associated with a solvent is often defined using Threshold Limit Value (TLV), which is the recommended average exposure in an 8-hour day, 40 hour work week. The lower the TLV of a particular substance, the less a worker can be exposed to without harmful effects. TLV is stated on the SDS of chemical products, in additional to recommended personal protection equipment (or PPE). The threshold limit value of a solvent is generally set by the American Conference of Governmental Industrial Hygienists (ACGIH). The unit of measure is Parts Per Million (PPM).
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