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Which wipe is best for general cleaning?

Techspray general purpose wipes (e.g. Blue Maintenance Wipes #2365-300) are meant to be used for wiping and in non-critical or controlled environments. By cleanroom standards, Techspray general purpose wipes would be acceptable in Class 10,000 cleanrooms or in “controlled environments”. TechClean Wiper (2350-100) is a non-woven blend of polyester and cellulose, with the best properties of each. The cellulose gives it good solvency and strong cleaning strength, and polyester it gives it good wet strength and then a high degree of cleanliness. Because of absorbency, strength, and lower cost, TechClean Wipers are commonly used in electronic assembly on SMT stencils for removing solder pastes and adhesives. For more industrial application, Blue Maintenance Wipes (2359-300, 2364-50, 2365-300) are also made of polyester and cellulose wipes, with all the cleaning advantages of TechClean Wiper at an even lower cost.


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